'An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.'

What do we actually do?

We support your school in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and culture aspects that run throughout the curriculum. We can create Takeovers from Early Years to Upper KS2. Pupils will develop an 'understanding and appreciation of the range of different cultures within school and further afield as essential element of their preparation for life in modern Britain'- OFSTED 2016.

The quote above is our inspiration and I'm sure in your educational setting it is your's as well. At Best Day Ever, we want to open children's mind to different cultures, the way others live and how to communicate with this highly globalised world. To not only be successful in their life but to be successful in other's lives. Through our Takeover and our bespoke Supply service we ensure it's a day, week or month the child, school, staff and parents remember forever. 

Who benefits from this?

  • Children

    A day they will remember forever that will open their mind to a different culture.

  • Teachers

    A stress free two weeks with creative lessons all provided.

  • Parents

    A chance to see their children excel through a unique medium.

  • The School

    A National Curriculum related provision that will inspire the whole school community to reach even higher standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine education through unique and interactive learning experiences.

  • Fun

    Our takeover days put a smile on everyone’s face

  • Learn

    Bringing things you didn’t know exist to life

  • Create

    Inspiring children to generate a unique view of the world

  • Reward

    Seeing happy children succeed, there is nothing better!

  • NO Stress

    Working over 70 hours a week? Teachers take two weeks off planning.

  • Diversity

    Exploring different cultures and lifestyles

Your Philosophy Is Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing an interactive and unique learning experience, through our highly qualified, enthusiastic and energetic teachers. To ensure children, teachers, parents and the wider school community have the Best Day Ever. 

Meet The Founder

  • Liam Kenny

    Company Director and Qualified Teacher. 

'Children give us unfaltering happiness! They are sponges who can change the world with the guidance of our innate skills. As teachers we have the privileged position to put our print on these young minds'- Liam Kenny

I have two loves in my life teaching and travelling the world. Ironically, it was travelling the world where I found teaching. I was backpacking through Rwanda and I entered an orphanage one day. The children came running up to me and led me straight to a small hut with a small blackboard sat in the corner. Naturally, I began teaching English and within five minutes I realised a teacher is who I am. So I carried on travelling and teaching in different places from Malawi to Zimbabwe until I had to head back home. 

I went back to my old job as a Director of a small construction company. Two months passed and the teaching bug had well and truly taken hold. So I sold my part of the business and headed out to South East Asia. For 18 months I travelled and taught in 5 different countries including Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Along the way I gained my TEFL certification and guided my Year 6 class to the best English results in South Thailand.

It was time to make my way home again and take this teaching seriously. On the day I got back I managed to get a TA job and three months later I was accepted on a PGCE course. In my last placement as a student I was offered a job. Two weeks later OFSTED came knocking, as a school it went very successfully and teaching was recognised as outstanding. Since, I have worked in a variety schools from a village school in Cumbria to a deprived inner city school in Manchester. I have been a class teacher in nearly every age group from Reception to Year 6.

This range of experiences has led me to develop the 'Best Day Ever'. I want to bring something different to the education market. As teachers we know children learn best through experience. If they meet a Brazilian tribesman then they can write about it. This is what Best Day Ever is all about.

When I was travelling I would see a Lion one day then be stood at a Buddhist Temple the next. Every single day I would say ‘that was the Best Day Ever’. That feeling is incredible; I asked myself why can’t I bring that feeling into schools. If a child, a teacher, a parent or head teacher says to me ‘that was the best day ever’ then I know I have achieved my goal.  

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