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Nepal Day at Bollinbrook Primary, Cheshire

"I cannot recommend Liam and The Best Day Ever highly enough. It was simply amazing! All children were fully engaged, interested and intrigued during the whole day. The range of activities combined with Liam's first hand knowledge and experience left the kids wanting more. Our children went home buzzing, after showing their parents a Hindu dance routine they had learnt that day.

To involve parents, learn the language, geography, history, religion, climb a mountain, become hunters, learn and perform a dance and design a prayer flag (he even managed to sneak literacy and maths in there) all in one day is astounding! It really was 'The Best Day Ever!' I will certainly be booking again." 

Mr Cann Y4 Teacher Bollinbrook CE Primary School

Bollinbrook pupils reviews

  • Piper said about Teacher Liam

    "He was epic because he was nice and calm"

  • Jack said

    "The dance was my favourite, it put life into you. It was the best day ever" 

  • Harriet said

    "I really liked Teacher Liam coming. I would like to do it again"

  • Linnea said

    "Teacher Liam was amazing to make it the best day ever. Five stars"

Tai Chi with the 8th Tyldesley Brownies

"We had a fantastic time learning about Tai Chi with Liam. The Brownies learned about the origins of Tai Chi, the yin and yang concepts and developed their own symbol of peace. They practised some meditation which was very peaceful for our leaders. They then learned a Tai Chi routine and invented their own Tai Chi moves."- Rachel Bates Brownies Leader. Click here to see the blog.


From Guatemala to Mexico and a stop off in Brazil! Millbrook Primary love Best Day Ever

"Such an inspiring day for both myself and the children in Year One. From the moment that they entered the classroom in the morning, to the end of the day as they walked out of the door, the children were immersed in Mexico. The classroom set up was fantastic and enabled the children to truly imagine that they had entered another country and culture"

There was a fantastic blend of history/geography/RE and PSHE covered throughout the day. The children absolutely loved it and have been reciting Mexican facts ever since! I would definitely recommend it for any class and I am already considering another ‘Best Day Ever’ for the children during the next term! Thank you Señor Kenny!!"- Mr Elwell Year 1 Teacher

Millbrook pupil's reviews

  • Katie Year 5 said

    "I couldn't believe the classroom was a Brazilian Amazon"

  • Charlie Year 6 said

    "The Guatemala day was very fun"

  • Holly Year 1 said

    "My favourite part was the Mexican hat dance"

  • Ollie Year 6 said

    "I would definately hire him"

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